A turnkey offer for your professional WiFi solution, powerful and scalable.







WiFi as a Service (WaaS)

Habeum will provide a turnkey offer to deploy & manage high-end WiFi network. Reliable and scalable, WaaS is the perfect solution to match your growth and adapt your network according to your needs.

WaaS Essential

WiFi 5 Access Point (AP)

WaaS Corporate

WiFi 6 AP

WaaS Premium

WiFi 6 /6E AP

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The services above are not exhaustive, to know more and benefit from a personalized approach, contact us through the form.

Why choose Habeum for your WiFi project ?

No investment

Monthly payment that includes the equipment furniture, service & configuration, remote maintenance.

Reachable Support

Quick acknowledgement & intervention from Habeum’s support team.

Scalable Network

From 1 access point to thousands, with the same architecture

Efficient supervision

Get a global vision of your functioning LAN & WLAN network.

Enhanced Security

Access only for authorized persons & equipment.

*Subject to the choice of the corresponding offer

How is your WIFI project going with Habeum?

Performed by habeum

Performed by the customer

(can be performed by habeum)

1. Definition of the need with the customer (number and type of networks, security, ...)

2. Audit on plan or on site* to determine the number and location of terminals

3. Preparation of the terminals and sending on site

Performed by the customer

(can be performed by habeum)

4. Reception of the terminals on site**

7. Supervision, support and maintenance in operational conditions of the WIFI infrastructure

6. Configuration and compliance with the requirements established in step 1

5. Installation of the terminals on site following the audit report plan**

*The on-site audit is a specific service

** Can be performed by Habeum

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