WaaS - WIFI solution for professionals

Equip your company / establishment with a high performance WiFi connection

HABEUM brings you a turnkey solution
to outsource your WiFi networks

The digital transformation of organizations and mobility generate a proliferation of terminals (computers, tablets, smartphones, business equipments, …) which only ask for one thing: an optimal connection to access information through your corporate network and/or Internet.

In addition, security issues – and in particular those of network security – have never been so important…

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Manage a WiFi infrastructure with ease

Performed by habeum

Performed by the customer

(can be performed by habeum)

1. Definition of the need with the customer (number and type of networks, security, ...)

2. Audit on plan or on site* to determine the number and location of terminals

3. Preparation of the terminals and sending on site

Performed by the customer

(can be performed by habeum)

4. Reception of the terminals on site**

7. Supervision, support and maintenance in operational conditions of the WIFI infrastructure

6. Configuration and compliance with the requirements established in step 1

5. Installation of the terminals on site following the audit report plan**

*The on-site audit is a specific service

** Can be performed by Habeum


Conviviality, perfect collaboration and mobility


All-in-one unified communications solution with advanced features


Tariff packages adapted to your needs

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