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Equip your company with a professional high speed internet access- Optical fiber and xDSL

Very high speed connection solutions for businesses

Depending on the needs and means, Habeum accompanies its professional customers in the deployment of this connection technology and proposes solutions that combine DSL and fiber optic technology, in order to offer the best performance and the highest availability to its customers.

To help you in your choice, we study together :

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Limitless connection for your business

What is the difference between a business internet connection and a home internet connection?

In order to access the internet, you need to be able to connect your site to the network. This is usually done via optical fiber (or copper cable for xDSL or wireless for 4G/5G). This is called the link. This optical fiber is capable of providing a very high speed (this is the bandwidth you will have available to send and receive data). Out this last limited and rarely guaranteed for conventional connections.

At Habeum, we offer you an Internet access with a customized speed according to your needs with a Guaranteed Restoration Time (GTR) in case of outage.

Fiber Optic Operator

Whether it’s backing up massive amounts of data, hosting high-quality video conferences or conducting near-instantaneous point-of-sale operations, your business needs fast, reliable connectivity. Habeum’s business services provide just that:

xDSL Operator

The term xDSL is used generically to describe all DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technologies currently available on the market (ADSL 2+, SHDSL, VDSL 2…).

Habeum guides you in the choice of technology:

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