IT integration & support

HABEUM is an integrator of IT solutions

Habeum provides installation, configuration, deployment and support activities.

Integration includes activities from analysis and understanding of your needs to the complete implementation of the optimized solution to support your processes and achieve your objectives. Our specialty is to operationalize your processes and procedures in the adapted technological solution.

System integration, from an IT point of view, is a set of processes that allows you to bring together parts of separately developed solutions within the same information system.

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Why choose Habeum's integration & support solution?


94% first call success rate for equipment


Up to 20% reduction in time spent on hardware support and vendor management


Save up to 25% on IT support management

The benefits of system integration for the company

Optimized management process

Both economic and financial flows are optimized through the improvement of the various processes involved in the management of the company

Homogeneity of information

Thanks to the system integration, it is possible to avoid redundant files and thus respect the standards provided for this purpose within the structure. In other words, a single customer file can be shared among all the company’s departments and functions.

Uniqueness of the information system

Sharing the same information system facilitates internal communication and mobility. At first glance, systems developed separately do not communicate with each other. They can be a source of error or slowness in the different processes of the company. Thus, thanks to integration, communication is more fluid between the different actors of the company.

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