Our solutions for managing your network

Network, firewall and UTM solutions

Integration and operation of networks for companies and administrations

Since its creation, Habeum has been an expert in network integration. We integrate for our customers the robustness and flexibility of LAN, WI-FI and WAN enterprise network solutions.


Latest generation LAN and Wi-Fi networks for businesses

Habeum works with you to collect all your requirements, identify the models and the number of switches needed.

We also define the equipment implementation plan and ensure the connection and configuration of all ports.

We rely on robust and agile solutions to operate the service in excellent conditions and ensure full availability of the service.

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LAN and wifi networks are structuring and essential to the proper functioning of businesses. With the arrival of AI, they are being transformed to adapt to users.

The network must not be an obstacle to digital transformation. It must be agile, reliable, automated and economical in order to respond quickly and efficiently to business demands.

Depending on your organization's specific needs, Habeum's NaaS solution represents a disruptive and resolutely positive option

Cost control and Opex/Capex articulation

No initial investment. You keep better control over your expenses and cash flow.

Fine customization

You determine the solutions to be integrated according to your needs

Speed and flexibility

Habeum takes care of the maintenance and allows you to deploy applications faster with much more flexible capacity needs

Stability and performance

Habeum supports the interconnection of your systems


HABEUM offers complete connectivity solutions:

internet link & transit, in France and abroad (European coverage).

After analyzing your needs and constraints, we offer you the most suitable solution for your activity.


Conviviality, perfect collaboration and mobility


All-in-one unified communications solution with advanced features


Tariff packages adapted to your needs

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