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Your WiFi network is not performing well?

Habeum offers its customers various WiFi diagnostics that range from WiFi coverage verification to configuration optimization (WiFi clients as access points) to searching for non-WiFi interference sources on the customer site.

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On-site coverage audit

Thanks to its qualified engineers and its powerful tools, Habeum maps the coverage on 2,4GHz and 5GHz frequencies in order to identify the possible white zones and to make sure of the good coverage/capacity balance according to the user density and the type of WiFi use

Spectral Analysis

Still relying on the strong radio skills of its engineers helped by spectrum analysis tools, Habeum performs a non-WiFi interference search on both WiFi bands in order to adjust the radio organization (power and channels) accordingly when the sources of interference cannot be removed for various reasons.

Optimization of the configuration

The conclusions of the two previous steps will be used not only to orient the main lines of the optimization of the clients and WiFi terminals configurations but also to refine the troubleshooting tracks towards the high layers of the TCP/IP model rather than towards the low layers.

The steps of a coverage audit

Preparatory stage

We identify the precise context of your project and its medium term stakes in order to put in front of the best technological approach in terms of choice of architecture, material, diagnosis, …

Expertise of the site

On site, the teams analyze, install, optimize, … to meet the specifications of the preparatory stage

Expert report and recommendations

Depending on the type of expertise (deployment, radio audit, troubleshooting, training, …) a concise and precise report will be provided.

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