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Since 2014 Habeum has been supporting its customers by providing them with adapted and accessible IT solutions, responding to the specific issues of each company.

Why choose Habeum

IT has become a major vector of competitiveness. It takes up a significant part of your budgets. The Habeum team is at your side to meet this challenge


A team of experts

Constantly growing, at Habeum we owe everything to our team of professionals. Discover the team that ensures the success of all your connectivity and infrastructure projects.

chris team
Christophe Arnaud

As a founding partner, Christophe drives the strategy and provides the entire team with his experience as a builder. As the guarantor of Habeum’s DNA, he places advice and the quality of the partner relationship at the heart of the team’s challenges.

“Trusted advisors, we work with our clients to build the success of their businesses by providing the most appropriate solutions to their needs with pragmatism, commitment and responsiveness”

David Hadjedj

David joined Habeum in 2017. He is in charge of the deployment, support and maintenance in operational conditions teams.

“We work with market-leading and disruptive vendors to provide the best possible solution to our customers.
Habeum attaches great importance to understanding the challenges and constraints of its customers in order to offer the most appropriate solution(s).”

david team
Bertrand team

Director of Operations
Bertrand Boissier

After 15 years of experience in sales and marketing management, mainly in the banking and insurance sector, he joined the Habeum challenge and took over the management of operations and the overall management of the structure.

“Accompanying talent and providing them with an optimized framework for expression is my main challenge. Processed but agile, Habeum puts its teams at the heart of its development strategy. A structure present throughout the value chain guarantees performance for our partners, whether they are end customers or manufacturers.”

Head of Connectivity
Emmanuel Rocha

With more than 10 years of experience in network solutions, Emmanuel, in charge of the Connectivity division, puts his knowledge of the network ecosystem at the service of his customers, whether they are manufacturers or distributors of IT solutions (LAN / WLAN)

“Accompanying customers, listening to their needs and advising them are the main missions of an integrator like Habeum.
The flexibility of our offer allows any type of customer to receive personalized support with a level of service that meets their expectations.”

emmanuel rocha

Field Sales Engineer

Sarah Chartreau

Arrived in IT in 2011, Sarah puts at the service of her customers her capacity of analysis and her relational for a fully adapted answer to the need.

“As a single point of contact, my role will be to accompany you in the evolution of your infrastructure and your transformation, from the qualification of the need to the putting in operational condition “

Wi-Fi technical manager
Lionel Sani

As a Wi-Fi Network Engineer working around wireless technologies for more than 7 years, Lionel handles WLAN infrastructure deployment and support projects for Habeum customers.

“Wi-Fi technology has become the preferred access media in both professional and private environments. In addition to the mastery of the proposed technologies, the good knowledge of the radio concepts is essential for a dimensioning which will answer the requirements of the customer in terms of quality of service according to its working environment.”

Ted Casagrande-Dars
Network and systems administrator
Ted Casagrande-Dars

Ted has specialized in network and system infrastructure for more than 6 years, he is in charge of deployments and operational maintenance for Habeum customers.

“Regardless of its size, a company must provide a certain number of services: it is therefore important to know how to put yourself in the place of the users and to understand their needs.

The reactivity of your partner is a key element for the productivity of your company.

To answer these business issues, we choose to offer our customers innovative solutions, proactive support and ensure professional incident management in the shortest possible time, regardless of the criticality of the service.

Account manager, connectivity division
Charlie Barre

Charlie has been an account manager for the connectivity division for a year. He assists customers in their IT projects with customized solutions. He negotiates with manufacturers and wholesalers and chooses for you the best solutions they offer to meet your needs.

“Managed services allow our customers to completely offload the often high cost of equipment acquisition, as well as supervision and maintenance. Whether on the LAN or WLAN side, these turnkey services allow companies to focus on their core business and thus increase their productivity.”

Christine Courrejou

Administrative and Financial Manager
Christine Courrejou

Christine centralizes and coordinates all transactional flows for Habeum and its partners. Her experience in a law firm has given her a method and a rigor particularly appreciated by our partners and the Habeum team!
Efficiency, competence and benevolence are the qualities that define our administrative and financial manager.


Amine is part of the network team and brings a fresh perspective on the business and our services, challenging them to progress collectively.

“Accompany, help, challenge, propose, move forward !”

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