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Habeum and Extreme Networks offer solutions tailored to each industry.

Our relationships are results-driven. From education to healthcare, hospitality to retail, Extreme’s leading products and global perspective are the foundation for agile networks that bring you closer to your customers and drive results for your business.

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Learn about the Extreme Networks 5520 and 5420 Series Switches

Switch Extreme Networks 5520 Series

The ExtremeSwitching 5520 Series is a high-performance, feature-rich switch family. Designed for tomorrow’s enterprise, the 5520 Series provides secure end-to-end network segmentation and offers users a choice of operating systems.

The 5520 Series includes 24- and 48-port 1 Gigabit models, 1/2.5/5 Gigabit multi-rate models, and a 24-port 10 Gigabit model. The family also offers 30/60/90W PoE power, making it an ideal wired backend for wireless access points or for supporting next-generation powered Ethernet devices (digital, panoramic cameras, intelligent lighting, or point-of-sale terminals)

Switch Extreme Networks 5520

Switch Extreme Networks 5420 Series

The 5420 series consists of 14 models in the 5420M and 5420F families to meet a variety of needs at all price points.

The 5420M models offer replaceable power supplies and fans as well as 4 integrated 1/10/25 Gbps uplink ports.

5420F models feature a fixed power supply, fixed fan(s), 4 integrated 1/10Gb uplink ports, with support for a second
replaceable power supply.

Discover the technology Extreme Fabric Connect

Agility, scalable connectivity, and network security are what Fabric Connect offers to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

Based on enhanced Shortest Path Bridging/IEEE 802.1aq, Fabric Connect represents a new way to design, build, and operate networks. It’s a technology that gives you simplicity and agility, while improving security and stability.

Extreme Fabric Connect

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