DELL Technologies is a technology leader and innovator

DELL Technologies is a technology leader and innovator, providing unparalleled IT infrastructure solutions designed and delivered through Habeum – a DELL Platinum partner.
It is based on the following three core principles: simplicity, predictability and cost effectiveness.

At Habeum, we are Dell Platinum partners

This means that we have the highest levels of certification and product knowledge resources to offer you the best solutions for your needs

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Dell Server - Rack, Tower, Blade

Whether you are looking for your first server for your business or end-to-end infrastructure solutions, our teams can help you choose a DELL server

Dell Switch - Top of Rack, Network core..

Manage your network by meeting high-performance management requirements with resilient, full-featured high-density switches.

Dell Storage - San, Nas, Hyperconvergence

Have a flexible, scalable storage system to improve versatility and reduce operating costs.

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Dell Turnkey Solutions Integration

You have an infrastructure project? Our teams can assist you in providing the most appropriate turnkey solution. 

Dell Powerstore: the new Full Flash storage array.

Discover Powerstore, the new Full Flash Storage Array by Dell offering a new architecture and a new approach to storage.

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